1. Contact one of our mediators

  • Contact any one of our AIM mediators directly using their contact details.

Contact a Mediator
2. Request AIM to select a mediator

  • With both parties in agreement, click above and complete the form for AIM to select and appoint a suitable AIM mediator on your behalf, based on your dispute.

Contact Us
3. Request an automatic appointment of a mediator

  • By referring a dispute via our auto appointment system, both parties agree to make use of the AIM website to automatically appoint an AIM mediator.
  • Our system automatically selects mediators on a rotational basis.
  • Our mediator has 48 hours to accept the referral.
  • If the mediator should decline the referral or fail to accept it within 48 hours, our system will automatically allocate the next available mediator to the referral.

Request Mediation